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A demonstration of exceptional focus and balance [vid]

It is easy to forget that focus can be cultivated... until you see this incredible demonstration by a woman who has developed an extraordinary ability to concentrate and balance.It is a great reminder to those of us with flabby focus that we can improve with practice.... Read more

Are you good at multi-tasking? One weird tip to get even better

In which we examine the evidence for the efficacy of multitasking on learning and come to a pretty stark conclusion. Oh yes, Facebook is implicated once again.... Read more

How clenching *might* improve memory encoding and recall

A recently published scientific study suggests that the left or right hemispheres of the brain are stimulated by right or left fist clenching. This increased activation could assist memorization and recall if performed in the correct order. However, don't go buying a stress ball to squeeze just yet because the results were from a very small sample and only marginally statistically significant.... Read more

Brilliant backgrounder to advanced memory techniques [vid]

In this video, author and unsuspecting USA memory champion Josh Foer shows how anyone can perform miraculous feats of memory with ease.... Read more

How your brain encodes memories and what it means for your learning

Memory encoding is one of the key learning processes people neglect, yet studies have shown that the physical process for building memory is eerily similar to the process for growing muscle. This post reveals three tips to help you on your way to brain-building nirvana.... Read more

The importance of learning HOW to study

What's the key to effective learning? One intriguing body of research suggests it's not just what you know. It's what you know about what you know that is important.... Read more